Shimano World Stage Fortuna 4 Pack

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Shimano World Stage Fortuna 4 Pack

The Shimano World Stage lures were conceived by Shimano Australia in partnership with Shimano Japan. The premise of the design was to create a dynamic range of lures to catch everything from flathead to barra.

The Shimano World Stage Lures - Fortuna were developed from Japanese sea bass lures, the design has been modified and fitted with 3X VMC rings and heavy duty trebles, and the colour range has been “Australianized”  throw in a life like holographic finish these lures will entice and handle the toughest Aussie conditions and fish.

There are four lure models avaialable in the World Stage range and all four lures in the range make use of Japanese long cast technology, allowing long and accurate casts. They also troll well at various speeds. Each Lure is swim tested, so they’re good to go straight out of the box

So if you target  tailor, salmon, mulloway, tuna, barramundi, queenfish, jacks the list goes on.... Get it!

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  • › Shimano World Stage Fortuna 75mm/8g Floating Qty: 3
  • › Shimano World Stage Fortuna 90mm/11g Floating Qty: 1